What people have said about The Grief Recovery Method and Helping Children With Loss.


Grief Recovery One-To-One Programme

"I learned about the Grief Recovery Method after hearing about Jill following my husband's funeral. I started the One-to-One programme in May 2018 and I was at first worried that it was too soon following his death four months earlier, but I am so glad I went along. It is so true - we wouldn't wait to seek help if we had hurt ourselves physically so why wait to seek help with our emotions. 

Jill is such a wonderful person and she explained everything so well. I feel that I really benefited from the sessions. There was no judgement. I wish others who have experienced loss were there to listen and be with me so that they could see just how beneficial this programme is."

Kate, Stafford

Grief Recovery Group Programme

"When I was asked if I would like to take part in The Grief Recovery programme a few things came to mind:

  • I don’t need “therapy”

  • My grief is too raw

  • It’s too early to talk about it

  • How can it possibly help me? 

I decided to attend the Group Programme and I am so pleased that I did. Jill was as an amazing tutor... calm, non judgmental, empathetic and above all a good listener. I met some lovely people, all of whom had very different experiences of their loss and it was so comforting to have time to listen to each other share how we were feeling. 

My advice to anyone who has experienced grief of any kind (at any time of life), is to attend one of these courses. Although it still doesn’t change what has happened or bring a loved one back, it helps you to be kind to yourself and learn to think about things differently." 

Helen, Stafford

Helping Children With Loss Course For Professionals

"From those of us that have done the training it's the opportunity to really be able to fine-tune how we deal with children on a one-to-one basis. For us it has been invaluable for the immediate impact that we will have with those children that come to us."

F Hartley - Assistant Headteacher, Sir Graham Balfour School, Stafford

"It was an absolute pleasure to be on the course. The course really opened my eyes as to the different types of losses children deal with that we may take for granted. I'm so excited to not only help myself but to help the children in my setting at dealing with loss. It would be an honour to work with you again if the time arises and I will most definitely be in touch again."

N Padgham - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA), Parkside Primary School, Stafford