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Prestigious Green Flag for Stafford cemeteries unveiled

Photo credit Dave Roberts, Stafford Borough Council

The prestigious Green Flag, awarded for the best publicly accessible parks and green spaces in the UK was unveiled at Stafford Crematorium by Borough Council and Crematorium staff, members of the Friends of Stafford Cemeteries group and Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health after the town’s Tixall Road Crematorium and historic 160 year old Eccleshall Road Cemetery were recognised and awarded in the 2018 National Green Flag Awards competition.

The benchmark award acknowledges that a green space is well-used and valued by its community and is about more than just cutting the grass. It honours the effective management and the use of skilled staff, along with support of the local community and volunteers that are key to creating fantastic public spaces. It is managed under license in the UK by the Department for Communities and Local Government and recognised by Keep Britain Tidy, which rewards their good management and upkeep.

Stafford Crematorium - Photo credit Revere Funeral Photography

The Friends of Stafford Cemeteries volunteer group, which is based in Stafford supports Stafford Borough Council’s Bereavement Services and has been raising public awareness of, and developing public interest in, the council’s cemeteries and crematorium since 2017 through open and awareness days, social media, local news and events and is thrilled about the award for the two sites.

Laura Francis, founder of Friends of Stafford Cemeteries said, “Stafford Crematorium and Eccleshall Road cemetery are highly valued as places of remembrance, spirituality, history and nature and have brought the local community and people from lots of different backgrounds together to protect and preserve them for public benefit. The Green Flag award recognises the hard work and care of everyone at Stafford Borough Council, Stafford Bereavement Services, local businesses, volunteers and surrounding communities that act as guardian of these beautiful places and brings with it a vast amount of prestige and a great sense of civic pride that we would like to get more people involved in.”

It is always pleasing to get national recognition for the work that we do. These awards would not be possible without the great help from the community, especially the Friends Groups that support the work of the council at each of these sites. Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment & Health, Stafford Borough Council

Eccleshall Road Cemetery Stafford - Photo credit: Jill Samphier Independent Funeral Directors

If you would like to find out more about Friends of Stafford Cemeteries please visit the Friends Group Facebook Page at

If you would be interested in becoming a member or contributing to Friends of Stafford Cemeteries, please contact Laura Francis at

If you would like to find out more about Stafford Borough Council, Stafford Bereavement Services and the Green Flag Award please contact Cath Averill at or you can find out more about the Green Flag Awards along with the other Green Flag Award winners in the Staffordshire area at:

Back Row (Left to Right)

Peter Glover – Friends of Stafford Cemeteries, Councillor Frank Finlay – Stafford Borough Council, Tony Evans – Bereavement Services Manager – Stafford Borough Council, Laura Francis – Friends of Stafford Cemeteries, Melvyn Hawkins – Friends of Stafford Cemeteries, Craig Beddows – Stafford Borough Council / Stafford Crematorium, Dan Evans – Stafford Borough Council / Stafford Crematorium

Front Row (Left to Right)

Stephen Frampton – Friends of Stafford Cemeteries on behalf of Jill Samphier Independent Funeral Directors, Cath Averill – Stafford Borough Council / Bereavement Services, Gayle Routledge – Friends of Stafford Cemeteries / A Child of Mine Charity, Louise Tuckley - Stafford Borough Council / Bereavement Services, Kath Rotton – Friends of Stafford Cemeteries


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