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New course to help children dealing with loss

Do you have or work with children and young people and struggle to know what to say when helping them through issues such as separation, divorce and loss? Would you like to be better equipped to help a child that is experiencing grief?

From Monday 9th September 2019 I will be holding a step by step educational Helping Children With Loss course for parents and carers over 4 weekly, 2 hour sessions.


Stafford Centre , Staffordshire Place, Tipping St, Stafford ST16 2DH, UK

Course Dates and Times

Week / Session 1 - Monday 9th September 10am-12pm

Week / Session 2 - Monday 16th September 10am - 12pm

Week / Session 3 - Monday 23rd September 10am - 12pm

Week / Session 4 - Monday 30th September 10am - 12pm


Only £10 per person

About The Course

This course is for adult parents and carers who want to support their children to help them deal with losses and emotionally challenging events.

Take a moment to think and recall all of the losses that have affected you throughout your life… If you really think about it there are possibly many, and there are probably some that still affect you today or that you think about regularly.

There is also a high probability that your child, a child in your care or a child you know will have been affected by an overwhelming singular loss; the death of a parent, grandparent, sibling, or someone else very important to them. They may have been affected by a parent’s divorce or the death of a pet – a cherished animal companion who represented a source of love and affection.

It is also a possibility that they may have been affected by a series of losses which individually might not appear to have a major life altering impact, yet may have caused some real changes in their life and behaviour. For example, moving house or a change of school and friendships, can have powerful, emotional consequences for a child.

'Helping Children With Loss is recognised by'

Established for over 30 years, the Grief Recovery Method®, now scientifically proven and evidence-based, of which the Helping Children Deal With Loss Programme is part of, teaches you how to guide children in completing their relationship to the pain, isolation and loneliness caused by a significant emotional loss of ANY kind.

Recovery from and completion of emotional pain is achieved by a series of small and correct action choices.

The fundamental purpose of this programme is to teach you what those correct choices are and to show you how to use them to help the children in your care become willing to make those choices.

This comprehensive, structured programme will:

  • Enable you to identify symptoms and behaviours caused by grief and loss

  • Replace the myths associated with sad and difficult emotions that confuse children with practical guidance and support

  • Increase confidence and provide a structure when talking about difficult and painful feelings with children

  • Know what to say and what not to say to parents and relatives who are also grieving

Every participant will receive a Certificate of completion and a copy of the bestselling book “When Children Grieve” by John W James and Russell Friedman (HarperCollins Publishers) for future reference.

Click here to book your place on this course. Please note that each course is limited to 15 places.

If you would like to discuss other dates or bespoke courses and training please call 07922 520595 or email



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