• Jill Frampton

How loss is cumulative for children

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Children experience a whole range of losses as they're growing up. Loss can be when a child has been bereaved, is about to face a bereavement, significant emotional losses from a parents divorce, changing school, bullying, being adopted or fostered.

It is also a possibility that they may have been affected by a series of losses which individually might not appear to have a major life altering impact, yet may have caused some real changes in their life and behaviour. For example, moving house or a change of school and friendships, can have powerful, emotional consequences for a child.

Losses come in very different shapes and sizes and are due to many different reasons. Watch this simple visual demonstration illustrating how the weight of those losses has a cumulative impact on children.

Find out about #HelpingChildrenWithLoss here and training programmes for parents and carers and teachers / professionals and how we can help children process and complete their relationship to the emotions and loss that they feel, making that weight a whole lot lighter for them to carry.

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