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Grief Recovery at Staffordshire County Show

On May 30th-31st 2018 Jill was exhibiting for the first time at this year's Staffordshire County Show and talking about the Grief Recovery Method®, the guided self-help programme, that can help anyone let go of the pain following a loss, whether it be a bereavement, divorce, end of a relationship, pet loss, or one of over 40 other significant life events that evoke grief.

Jill's journey began after sadly losing her baby daughter and a few years later, her young son. Following this significant life event, and also having witnessed the grief suffered by those closest to her, Jill felt compelled to go on and help others by becoming a certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

What is unique about the Grief Recovery Method is, that when followed in order as a series of small steps, it leads to the completion of all the unresolved business linked to the loss.

Jill Frampton Grief Recovery Leaflets
Jill Frampton Grief Recovery Leaflets

Jill is particularly passionate about helping adults to support children and young people on how to best deal with losses we all face at some point in our lives, and having seen at first hand the impact that the Grief Recovery Method® can have, she is committed to raising its profile and the benefits that it has to people's lives.

Jill provides Grief Support Groups and One to One Grief Support and is available to offer help to local communities in Stafford and surrounding areas.

If you would like to learn the actions to help you move on and let go of the pain following loss, please get in touch to see how Jill can help you. More information is available at



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