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A Journey of Grief, Loss and Recovery

A Journey of Grief, Loss and Recovery

Short Video Series

In this series of short videos, Jill talks about Grief and Loss... what it is, the symptoms and myths surrounding grief and how it can affect you from an early age.

An Emotional Journey

Jill also tells of her own journey and how a series of tragic and sad events led her to become a Grief Recovery Specialist to help others. 

Video 1: My journey to becoming a Grief Recovery Specialist and the tragic events that led me to be so passionate about helping others.

Duration: 02:24s

Video 2: We've all felt grief and experienced loss in one form or another in our lives, but how do you define grief? What does grief really mean?

Duration: 01:25s

Video 3: Grief can have a significant impact on a child's life. Why is it so important that we say the right things to children who are experiencing loss?

Duration: 02:17s

Video 4: Everyone is unique and no two people will encounter grief in the same way. However, there are common symptoms many people experience.

Duration: 01:11s

Video 5: We've been taught to respond in a certain way to sad emotions. How re-education helps us to manage grief and loss successfully.

Duration: 01:43s

Video 6: Sharing and listening can make a huge difference to someone experiencing grief. Don't be afraid to talk to someone who is feeling lost.

Duration: 01:08s

Video 7: Grief and loss are emotional and not intellectual. Sometimes saying the wrong things can add to the weight of the grief experienced.

Duration: 01:19s

Video 8: A simple question asked by my young son was just one reason for making me so aware of the importance of helping children with loss.

Duration: 02:11s

Video 9: The Grief Recovery Method® teaches you how to let go of the pain linked to over 40 significant life events that evoke grief and loss.

Duration: 02:17s

Total duration of all nine videos is approx. 15 minutes

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