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Helping Children With Loss Sponsorship



Helping Children With Loss

Working with parents, carers and professionals within local schools has highlighted a requirement and a desire in our community for adults to provide support to their children in order to help them navigate the emotional impact of loss as they grow up and the benefits to them as they develop into adults and enter the workforce.


Our aim is to provide the Helping Children With Loss programme for a significantly subsidised cost to adult parents and carers.


Can you support us?

As inclusive companies and organisations understand, community involvement is extremely important and beneficial, both socially and for local employment. We are seeking sponsorship and support to enable us to provide this unique and exciting programme to as many families and children as possible in our community.


Providing adults with the confidence and peace of mind to know that when talking to children about sad and emotional events that their words and responses will have the most positive effect on our children’s wellbeing, development and most beneficially for employers; future employability is of great importance. 

With this key, early intervention and prevention closer to home, we can help our children and young people lead healthier, happier and productive lives. 

Currently supported by:


Can your company or organisation help us to help children and families in our communities? Please get in touch.

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