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2019 Crowdfunder

success benefits families in Staffordshire

About the initiative

Helping Children With Loss

Increasingly over the last three years, I have been helping people recover from all types of grief and loss, and as a cause that has affected me personally, I have been compelled to help others who face the grief and mental challenges that life has thrown at them. Helping children with loss, in particular, is something I am incredibly passionate about. 

Why is it so personal to me?

Following the deaths of my baby daughter Lia, who was born with Infantile Polycystic Kidney Disease and a few years later, my young son Oliver after contracting Pneumonia, I experienced my own difficult journey whilst also witnessing the grief suffered by those around me, in particular my eldest son Tom.


Crowdfunder Success

To get the programme up and running, a Crowdfunder project was set up which ran from May to June 2019.


There were over 50 financial pledges, the largest single pledge being £500 by Starkey Hearing Technologies and over 30 businesses, both local and national helped by donating Crowdfunder rewards.


With everyone's help and generosity, over £3,000 was raised on which enabled the roll-out of the programme to families across Staffordshire.


Why do we need to help children and families?

Currently, there is no provision for parents and carers in Stafford and Staffordshire which provides the necessary tools, confidence and peace of mind when talking to children about sad and emotional events. 



As adults we play such a vital role in supporting and educating our children and with over 40 significant losses that a child may face when growing up, how children process the emotional impact of loss is key to their long-term mental and emotional wellbeing.


The aim is to make the internationally recognised programme ‘Helping Children With Loss’ by Grief Recovery (UK) FREE OF CHARGE to parents and carers across Staffordshire. 


My story and more in detail

For more information, please download my 28 page booklet below, ‘A Journey of Grief, Loss and Recovery’ which explains why helping children is so important to me personally. It also provides a detailed look at the programme itself and the benefits to children and families. It would be wonderful if you can spare some time to read and share it.


Please get in touch

Even though the project has ended on Crowdfunder, you can still get involved, promote or contribute, either with a donation or to raise awareness by sharing with as many people as possible. Please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 07540 292384 or emailing if you have any questions about the programme or if you would like to book a place. It would be lovely to hear from you. You can also keep up to date with what I'm doing by following me on Facebook and Twitter


With your support, together, we can help our children and young people lead healthier and happier lives! Thank you.

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